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Image by Annie Spratt

Meet the Team

We are four OTR/Ls who met in graduate school (we've been inseparable ever since!) and have found a common love and need for doing our part to nourish the field of occupational therapy.  We created OT Unfiltered to help students and new grads just like we once were, navigate the world of OT.

Our goal is to assist YOU by providing the guidance we wish we would have had while going through the processes of fieldwork, graduating OT school, taking the board exam, and beginning a career. ​A majority of us appreciate and understand visual resources, which is why we have developed this easy to read, clear cut e-book.

Our hope is that you are able to connect with us, relate to our experiences, and take away pertinent information. We want our interactions with you to be fun, relatable, and most importantly, 100% honest. We are not here to 'sugarcoat' the facts, we are here to expose the realities of the profession, expectations, and help you with your OT journey!  

We are newer therapists and by no means 'perfect' OTs. We are constantly facing new challenges and situations, but not letting that break us. Don't forget to embrace the triumphs and applaud yourself for doing the best that you can! There is always something new to learn and therefore we strive to develop a community where we can openly share and discuss all things OT.  WE GET IT.

We fully understand the ups and downs, the emotions, the stressors of being in grad school, and navigating a new profession with little guidance (in a time of a world pandemic or not). So let us help steer you through your journey and make your life a little bit easier by providing resources we wish would have been available to us. We love all of our fellow OTs; we support you and we are here for you!​

Keepin' it raw, real & honest,​

Lauren, Jill, Hannah, and Kelly 

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